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F1 too big a job for one person, says Zak Brown

F1 too big a job for one person, says Zak Brown



F1 too big a job for one person, says Zak Brown

F1 too big a job for one person, says Zak Brown

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has ruled himself out of the running to replace Chase Carey as CEO of F1, and believes the job is too big for one person to run.

Bernie Ecclestone ran the sport with impunity until the takeover of Liberty Media two years ago, with Carey appointed to run the day-to-day of the operations.

There has been much speculation as to Carey's future, with revenue not growing as expected and issues arising in respect of the 2021 regulations, as well as the revised calendar structure.

Mercedes' Toto Wolff has been mooted as a potential successor, while Brown himself has been touted for the top job, given his background and sterling work in returning McLaren to a force this season behind the established names of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

But Brawn wanted to distance himself from the position while pointing out that the varied responsibilities involved in F1 makes it hugely difficult for one person to oversee everything.

He said: "I'm thoroughly enjoying this [at McLaren] and I'm now starting to take a few steps forward, which is only making me more hungry to keep pushing.

"No, I like it [at McLaren]. I'm enjoying it. Ask me in five or ten years, but right now there is nothing I want more than to get McLaren back to winning.

On Carey's replacement, he added: "What does the whole management team look like?

"I don't think anyone has the skillset to do everything that needs to be done in F1. It's more about the team they build around them."

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