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Refuelling would take F1 '10 steps backwards'

Refuelling would take F1 '10 steps backwards'



Refuelling would take F1 '10 steps backwards'

Refuelling would take F1 '10 steps backwards'

The re-introduction of refuelling would represent a move “10 steps backwards” for Formula 1, according to Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams.

With new regulations set to be introduced in 2021, there is worry among drivers that new engine parts could add weight to the already-too-heavy cars. Bringing back refuelling so that cars would not have to carry all necessary fuel weight throughout the race has been mentioned, but Williams thinks this would be a wrong move.

“One of the conversations obviously on the table at the moment is refuelling,” she told RaceFans.

“I don’t see how that does not completely contradict and take us 10 steps backwards from what we are looking at trying to promote this sport and the virtues of F1 from an environmental perspective.”

Williams admitted that weight was an issue that needs to be addressed, but insists that it is more of a problem for the bigger teams rather than the smaller ones, whose priorities must lie elsewhere.

“The weight issue is something that we have debated for many an hour,” Williams explained.

“And it’s something I do think needs to be addressed.

“We need to find ways in which we take the weight out, not just to improve racing [and] improve the cars for the drivers to drive, but also if we don’t do it through the regulations then teams will try and do it themselves.

"And the bigger teams are able to dial out weight because it’s incredibly expensive dialling out weight [from] your Formula 1 car.

“The smaller teams, you’re figuring out your aero first and how your tyres work, the weight is the third thing on the list. You can’t do all three simultaneously if you’re operating on a small budget.”

The 2021 regulations are being introduced in an attempt to level the playing field in F1 via standardised engine parts and the more even distribution of finances among the constructor teams.


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