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Alonso, McLaren at odds over IndyCar return

Alonso, McLaren at odds over IndyCar return



Alonso, McLaren at odds over IndyCar return

Alonso, McLaren at odds over IndyCar return

Zak Brown hopes he can convince Fernando Alonso to commit to a full season of IndyCar as McLaren eye yet another entry into the American open-wheel series.

Alonso and McLaren were embarrassed earlier this year when the Spaniard failed to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 in his latest attempt to secure the 'Triple Crown' of motorsport.

McLaren's tilt at the Brickyard was beset by operational blunders, which Brown has shouldered the blame for, but the CEO now wants to put the team into the series for a full campaign, despite his potential star driver currently having little interest in it.

"I'd love to have him involved in an IndyCar program if we were to do it and he wants to do it," Brown said.

"He's undecided on what he wants to do next year. But if he wants to go IndyCar racing and we were to do it, of course he'd be top of our list.

"He's told me he doesn't want to do a full season. But let's see what happens when he's at home for two weekends consecutively not driving a racing car for the first time in 20 years! Personally, I think he would enjoy IndyCar racing.

"He knows the commitment it would take. You've got to move to America and Fernando's an all-in or all-out guy as you all know."

Brown dismissed the notion that McLaren may be better off entering IndyCar without the added pressure of Alonso driving for the team.

He said: "We don't want to shy away from the spotlight. Fernando brings a tremendous amount of focus, but I think as McLaren so do we.

"That doesn't really factor into our thinking – 'Let's take a driver that doesn't come with as much pressure'. If we enter IndyCar, it's to win races whether it's with Fernando or another driver. I don't think it changes those dynamics."


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