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Why McLaren are avoiding using Renault upgrade

Why McLaren are avoiding using Renault upgrade



Why McLaren are avoiding using Renault upgrade

Why McLaren are avoiding using Renault upgrade

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl is in no rush to use Renault's upgraded engine, as he tries to plot a course through the remainder of the season that features as few grid penalties as possible. Only Daniel Ricciardo used the new Renault engine in France last time out.

Nico Hulkenberg was not fitted with the new, more powerful engine as Renault sought to avoid grid penalties in their home race.

While Lando Norris can currently take a new engine without sanction, doing so too early could open up the possibility of penalties later in the year. Carlos Sainz will incur a penalty if he takes the new engine, having lost one to a fire in the Australian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo outperformed Hulkenberg with use of the new engine at Paul Ricard, only finishing behind his team-mate by dint of a pair of post-race time penalties.

With McLaren fourth in the championship, and Renault their main competition, McLaren will not rush into using the upgrade.

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"As soon as Carlos is going for the upgrade then we get the penalty, because it is the fourth one. So we need to figure out now when we do that," said Seidl.

"That is unfortunately part of the game. But it is the same for the others around. We have seen others are taking penalties already now, so we have to see.

"The engine is a good step. It is encouraging to see that Renault is bringing updates.

"But again the plan for us was that it was better not to use it yet, simply to minimise the number of penalties that we would get until the end of the season."

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