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Why 2021 delay is positive for F1 - Todt

Why 2021 delay is positive for F1 - Todt



Why 2021 delay is positive for F1 - Todt

Why 2021 delay is positive for F1 - Todt

FIA president Jean Todt says the ongoing attempts to nail down a set of regulations to govern Formula 1 with from 2021 is in a "very good situation" despite recent confirmation that an announcement has been delayed until October this year.

Finer details in the new Concorde Agreement are still to be ironed out, with Liberty Media having seen stiff opposition in their attempts to introduce a budget cap, change F1's revenue distribution and alter the engine formula.

Teams have previously raise fears that leaving an announcement too late could hamper preparations for the 2021 season.

But Todt sees a positive in the turmoil, claiming all interested parties are now singing from the same hymn sheet.

"I'm not worried at all. Very often in F1 I'm worried because nobody agrees," Todt said.

"For once, we managed to have the 10 teams agreeing, the commercial rights holder and the regulator of the championship. So, now, we must make sure everybody is working.

"I'll ask the team principals, team directors, drivers and tyre manufacturer to work together and to try to come out with the best solution for the championship.

"We're talking now, in June 2019, for regulations that will start in 2021 for five years, so we must make sure that good solutions are taken.

"That's why I think if we can work for three or four months, all together, to try to address what can be addressed, I think it's a very good situation."


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Fri 23 Oct

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