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'Scandalous' Leclerc error shows Ferrari's deficit to Mercedes

'Scandalous' Leclerc error shows Ferrari's deficit to Mercedes



'Scandalous' Leclerc error shows Ferrari's deficit to Mercedes

'Scandalous' Leclerc error shows Ferrari's deficit to Mercedes

Former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan says Ferrari's error which left Charles Leclerc eliminated in Q1 during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix is evidence of just how far the Scuderia have fallen behind Mercedes in the early stages of 2019.

Leclerc sat in the Ferrari garage as times tumbled in Q1 and he was ultimately demoted to the drop zone by a last-gasp lap from team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who qualified fourth after a scruffy day's running.

The Monaco native confirmed afterwards that he had requested a final run to make sure of progression, but the team had turned him down and Jordan flamed the Ferrari pit-wall for its decision-making.

"If I was the team in that place, I'd be hanging myself and the people on the pit wall who made the decision," Jordan said on Channel 4's coverage of qualifying.

"The driver can only do what he's able to do in a set of given circumstances and he was advised that we should be OK. That's the decision. He then is exonerated by this in my opinion.

"I think it's scandalous. I think Ferrari are shocking and I think they have to have a very serious word with themselves, think about what they want to achieve in Formula 1.

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Mark Webber was also highly critical of Ferrari, who have seen pre-season predictions of dominance dissolve as Mercedes have take one-two finishes in the first five races of 2019, while locking out the front row in Monte Carlo for good measure.

"There's a lot of experience in that team, we're not talking about a team that's learning the ropes and got time," the former Red Bull man, a two-time Monaco winner from pole, added.

"We're [talking] about Ferrari. This was the season where pre-season we're expecting they're going to take the torch to Mercedes and give them a red-hot go for the championship.

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"The season reel of screw-ups this year they've had – it is just unbelievable. The lack of composure, they're always reactive.

"This is a business where you've got to be proactive, see things coming, see things you've got to react to fast, be dynamic.

"They're not dynamic, they're not instinctive. And Mercedes have just had so many head shots along the way, it's in slow motion for them. Ferrari are in fast forward and it's coming at them quick."


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