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Jos Verstappen on how Max deals with 'crazy' Dutch fans

Jos Verstappen on how Max deals with 'crazy' Dutch fans



Jos Verstappen on how Max deals with 'crazy' Dutch fans

Jos Verstappen on how Max deals with 'crazy' Dutch fans

Jos Verstappen has asked passionate supporters of his son Max not to be too disapppointed if they miss out on a moment with their hero, as there simply isn’t enough time for the Red Bull driver to focus on fan interaction on a race weekend.

The emergence of Verstappen as one of Formula 1’s best drivers has been met with joy in the Netherlands - a fanbase which has always enjoyed their motorsport.

With the Dutch GP recently being confirmed as being part of the 2020 F1 calendar, all the questions were obviously put to Verstappen about returning to the Zandvoort track as the hometown hero. Jos says it is vital that Max can focus on driving, for the most part.

"Everyone wants something from Max. A photo here, a photo there,” says Verstappen Sr.

“That makes sense, but it simply cannot be done. Max must be fully focused. Then he cannot be distracted. Even more than around other races, he will have a tight schedule that he must adhere to.

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“Just like during something like the Jumbo Racing Days, he wants to be there for everyone, but there is no room for that. I hope that people understand that. "

"The Formula 1 organization has of course not escaped how crazy Dutch people are about motorsport” he added.

“They also know the images of fans at Spa-Francorchamps and in Austria. For the Netherlands it is amazing to be able to organize such an event.

“I also very much hope that it will be a success. But I do say: it will all have to be a bit more professional than we are used to at Zandvoort. Everyone will have to go one step further. "

Jos, a former driver in his own right, believes Max’s popularity comes from the fact he is not afraid to speak his mind.

"Max does not sell nonsense. He always tells what it is like. I think people would like to see that. And so Max is also a driver, a bit all or nothing. He has had enough dramas, but you can also see that he can drive his head to collect points. Many people like that, but some do not.

“That is why he has supporters and opponents, worldwide. Max goes for it, is a real fighter. For most people that works. ”


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