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Is Verstappen Red Bull's 'number one' over Gasly?

Is Verstappen Red Bull's 'number one' over Gasly?



Is Verstappen Red Bull's 'number one' over Gasly?

Is Verstappen Red Bull's 'number one' over Gasly?

Max Verstappen has dismissed the notion that he is Red Bull's 'number one' driver alongside Pierre Gasly in 2019, insisting he and the Frenchman have equal opportunities in races. Verstappen has vastly outperformed his team-mate so far this year, but says there is no hierarchy in place.

Verstappen has scored 51 of Red Bull's 64 races across the first four races of 2019 and sits forth in the driver' championship, with Gasly having failed to score in two grands prix so far.

Daniel Ricciardo's departure to Renault was rumoured to be partly based on Verstappen's growing influence over the team, but the Dutchman says he does not hold any advantage over the Australian's replacement.

"I don't see myself as a first driver and nobody in the team mentioned that," Verstappen is quoted by F1Technical.

"We both get equal opportunities and I am just doing what I was doing also last year, giving the right feedback back to the team and then it is up to the team to bring new parts.

"So from my side, not a lot has changed, of course you gain experience. I would be wrong to change something. It would mean that you were not doing the right things the year before."

Verstappen has made a solid start to 2019, following up a podium in Australia with a trio of fourth-place finishes.

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This is in contrast to the error-strewn start to the previous season – something Verstappen chalks up to greater experience.

He said: "You always improve as a driver, even Lewis is still improving, so it depends on how hungry you are to keep improving.

"Of course, from the first year to your second year, you learn a lot about how to drive a Formula 1 car.

"When you go into your fifth season, I think it is definitely more about general experiences with the car. Doing more races makes you improve."

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