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Leclerc taking team orders case by case

Leclerc taking team orders case by case



Leclerc taking team orders case by case

Leclerc taking team orders case by case

Charles Leclerc says he is happy to continue playing the team game and accept orders from Ferrari, but only in certain situations. Leclerc has been given instructions to favour team-mate Sebastian Vettel at all three races this season, with the move hampering his race last time out in China.

Leclerc stayed behind Vettel in Australia at the team's behest, and was also subservient in shanghai.

However, he ignored a call to hold position behind the German in Bahrain, overtaking Vettel for the lead of the race and Leclerc hinted that he will still look to take matters into his own hands when the opportunity is right, despite happily accepting that more team orders will come.

Asked if he would accept further team orders, he said: "It depends on the situation.

"Obviously there will always be team orders in Formula 1. It depends on the situation. In some situations I will [obey them].

"I did ask [team principal Mattia Binotto], then obviously I think the answer is still the same.

"He is taking a decision on the pit wall. At the end they have a lot more data on the pit wall than I do in the car. We'll see in the future."

Though frustrated not to be racing on equal terms as his teammate, Leclerc can understand the decision to favour Vettel.

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"It's frustrating when you are in the car when you are told to let past another driver," he said. "Obviously it is frustrating for anyone that has been driving a car that is given this instruction.

"On the other hand on my I understand them in a way. Obviously Seb is now in his fifth year with the team, has won four world championships and I'm only coming in my second season in Formula 1.

"So I've got a lot of things to prove and now it's just up to me to do the best job possible in the car to prove [to] the team what I'm capable of.

"I think I just need to continue doing what I'm doing, trying to improve myself and hopefully it will change soon."

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