Verstappen: I won't be made to look like an idiot

Thuesday, 27 november 2018, 05:28 , by Martin Macdonald

Max Verstappen has revealed that he still has not come to an agreement with Formula 1 bosses and the FIA as to what his punishment will be for his part in the fracas with Esteban Ocon at the Brazilian Grand Prix, but insists he won't be made to look like an idiot.

The Dutchman was poised to claim the win at Interlagos, but was hampered by Ocon who attempted to unlap himself beyond the race leader, with the duo subsequently clashing on-track.

Verstappen, furious at Ocon for costing him the potential victory, confronted the Frenchman in the paddock and appeared to push and shove him, whilst also sending some verbal criticism for good measure.

The FIA were quick to slam his actions, with a public service punishment set to be administered.

When asked by Sky Sports if he would be taking out Damon Hill's rubbish bins, Verstappen didn't really see the funny side, saying he has already been unfairly treated by the FIA - even before the fine has been decided.

“I’m definitely not going to look silly," the Red Bull driver insisted.

“I think anyway I’m already very hardly treated by that, so we’ll find something suitable, because I’m not going to look like an idiot.”

Verstappen went on to reveal that, despite the incident occurring weeks ago, not agreement has been settled on as to what he must do as part of his public service.

“I honestly really don’t know,” he added

“We’ll discuss, between the team and the FIA, what we’re going to do. If I agree with it, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

“What can you do about it? I find it a bit harsh but yeah… We’ll find a solution.”

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  • Sue Stevenson
  • Andrew Pate
    He won't be made to look like an idiot because he already does his best to act like one with the immature and stupid way he chose to try and shut the door on Ocon. Then has a hissy fit in the pits and 'assaults' a fellow racer because he is too stubborn to see his own pride was the reason he crashed out.
  • Gabriel Spacca
    Tell you what. In order to avoid any potential embarrassment the FIA should change its mind. A one race penalty instead ought to do it. Wouldn’t want you looking like an idiot now, would we?
  • Anthony Livaditakis
    Total Dickhead His anger will one day kill him and god forbid someone else . Has 2 /3 good outing and everyone thinks the sun shines out his ass ... Keep wearing your big boy Pampers
  • Kristian Finn
    Dude u already made me hashtag u as #crashstappen maybe try getting past others without collisions hey? Troy Brudenell Adrian Finn Ben James Dean Wilson
  • Christine Muise
    This child is an idiot!!! Max, you are making a joke of Formula one!! Only real MEN belong in this sport, not a spoiled child that thinks he is entitled to everything!!
  • Henk Poolen
    Now look at all the fucking dickheads over here!!! Always the same names he or we dont give a shit what you wankers think of him or us
  • Karl Davy
    he already made himself look silly enough and the poor guys gona have a honda power unit next year so i think hes been punished enough !!
  • Julio Vela
    You’ll do what you’re told you spoil little brat, if I was Ocon I would’ve put you on your ass as soon as you put your hands on me.
  • Zach Illi
    Its a punishment there is no agreeing. Hope they make him mop floors and clean toilets. What an entitled child.
  • Tony Bowler
    Make him take a couple of anger management classes and call it a day. Ocon was being stupid.
  • Jason Doyle
    No one can make you look like an idiot when you do a good enough job of it yourself. Fuckin baby
  • Wayne Smith
    Max doesn't need anyone to make him look like an idiot. He does a good enough job without assistance.
  • Jody Harrison
    By far not the worst F1 has seen over the years.
  • Zoan Kulinski
    No one is making you look like an idiot, you have done that to yourself.
  • Nihal Anand Shettigar
    Thats comes naturally for you fish gotta swim birds gotta fly n u gotta be an idiot
  • ????? ??????
    Max will not be loved by public if he doesn't change that gangsta rap attitude...
  • Kevin Bailey
    Make him work as a Marshall in F3 maybe he will learn a bit of diginity to
  • Garry Ball
    Was gifted Ricciardos podium finish in the last round and still moans.
  • Clayton Lawrence
    Dale he makes himself look like an idiot. Doesn't need anyone else's help.

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