Ferrari: We couldn't say no to a name like Schumacher

Friday, 14 september 2018, 10:36 , by Paul Macdonald

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has been discussing the development of Michael Schumacher's son Mick in the F3 series, stating that the 'door is always open' and that his team 'couldn't say no' to the name if the right conditions arose. 

Schumacher's recent run of form, including six wins in his last 10 races, have catapulted him into contention to win the F3 title outright, and a podium finish in the championship would grant him enough points to be given an F1 super licence. 

Toro Rosso were linked with the 19-year-old earlier in the week, with senior team Red Bull requiring a replacement after promoting Pierre Gasly to partner Max Verstappen next season following the departure of Daniel Ricciardo to Renault. 

When pressed on whether Ferrari would show an interest, Arrivabene admitted that the pull of such a successful and iconic name would be difficult to turn down. 

He said: "Concerning Mick Schumacher I think the most important thing is to let him grow, without giving pressure. The recent results are very, very good, and I wish to him a great career.

"With a name like this, that wrote historical pages of Ferrari history, the door of Maranello is always open, of course. But without burning the step. That is a family decision, I mean a Schumacher family decision.

"But let the guys have fun. I always repeat this – be focussed, concentrated, but in the meantime have fun, and to grow slowly, but certainly, and then we’ll see about the future.

"How can you can say ‘no’ at Maranello to a name like this?”

Sauber boss Fred Vasseur was more sceptical of Schumacher's ability to jump directly from F3 to F1, believing that the difference in class is too great and that he should bide his time before making the leap to the top. 

He said: "Honestly I think there is a huge step between the F3 and the F1, and with the small number of test days we have during the winter, it’s I don’t want to say impossible, but it’s quite difficult.

"It would make sense probably for him to do F2. But he could have a link with an F1 team, he could do some FP1s. There are many ways to prepare for F1.”

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  • Kevin Testa
    Don’t make the same mistake as Red Bull has and just sign a guy for his name...make sure he’s actually talented first. VERSTAPPEN
  • Jovan Maksic
    Verstappen has name and talent! Mick too
  • Paolo Celestino
    Adam MacCready Paul Cartolano
  • Raul Tth
  • Pranay Dawne
    Don't go for just the name

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