Teams went back on their word to sign Ocon, says angry Wolff

Friday, 14 september 2018, 06:56 , by Paul Macdonald

An enraged Toto Wolff has claimed that two teams had made offers to sign Esteban Ocon in the summer and reneged on the deals because they 'didn't have the balls' to go through with the deal, leaving the Frenchman in limbo.

It appears as if Ocon will be without a drive for next season, with Lance Stroll's father investing in Force India and likely to take his son across, taking Ocon's seat. 

Renault appeared a viable option for some time but Daniel Ricciardo's shock move effectively filled the space Ocon would have taken, and now he is scrambling for options in 2019. 

Ocon is contracted by Mercedes and Wolff, speaking to Sky Sports F1, could not hide his anger when stating that Ocon had been let down by two constructors who had put offers down for him earlier in the year. 

He fumed: “What was going on in July and August was unbelieveable. There was so much politics, hidden agendas, lies going on in the background.

“Not all of the good kids are going to end up in cars and Esteban is probably going to be one of them.

“We will look after him as he is one of the future stars. In July he had two offers on the table with contracts on the table and it was just a matter of choosing which team was the right one.

“He ended up not having any anymore because people simply don’t have the balls to stick to what they say.”

Wolff reiterated his commitment to Ocon's future and still clearly sees the young driver, who is 22 next week, as a Mercedes star in time. 

He added: "One day he is going to be in a Mercedes and win championships and show all the others out there that they made a mistake.”

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  • Andrew Watson
    “Stroll”, if you’re as good a race driver as you may think you are don’t take ocon’s drive away from him. He has earned it! Say NO to your father “if this is what he wants” and that you want to earn your seat in F1 with your own talent, not with your fathers money! You’ll be a better person in life if you make the right decision. Stay humble and you’ll succeed!
  • Mike Dokas
    Its actually ridiculous that Ocon hasnt found a seat yet... One of the most talented and full of potential drivers... I believe that it is the mercedes program contract that is actually holding him back...
  • Ángel Emmanuel Sánchez
    Ocon could be the next Magnussen, a lot of dreams, but less talent behind the wheel. Does anybody remember McLaren after say goodbye to Pérez, they put Magnussen as a better driver... Look now for Ocon...
  • William Scalzitti
    Toto Wolf manages Ocon's career and is team principal at Mercedes, signed Bottas who has not won a race this year, but blames the other teams for a lack of a drive for his guy, what an asshole.
  • Abhinav Mohindru
    Toto doesn’t want to take their junior drivers in their team . If they believed in their junior program then they should employ them first rather depend on other teams to take these guys
  • Luigi Crisci
    Of course Wolff would be angry, as a driver on another team always ready to let Lewis pass him in difficult situations like Monaco could always come in handy.
  • Julie MacLaurin
    Sounds to me like they were the ones to drop the ball. Guess he should have signed one of those contracts when they were offered..
  • Mangaliso Ngwendu
    so Totto had 2 offers and waited for something nothing for the lad?he should be half pissed off at himself
  • Sanjay Kudva
    Toto should get Ocon in place of the wingman... but m sure hamilton does not want Ocon at merc...
  • David Burn
    If he’s so valuable to merc then he should have had the merc seat not the butler Bottas
  • Marco Vinicio
    Sign him then...

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