Villeneuve slams 'shameful' Verstappen comparison to father

Thursday, 14 juny 2018, 08:51 , by Martin Macdonald

Former Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve has taken offence to Niki Lauda comparing Max Verstappen to his father, Giles Villeneuve, in terms of the way the pair opted to aggressively drive on the edge during racing, saying the comparison is "shameful".

Gilles most famously drove for Ferrari during his F1 career which was tragically cut short during the qualifying for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix in which he was involved in a fatal collision. During his six seasons in the sport, he won six races and finished as runner-up in the 1979 driver's championship.

He was aggressive during races and would regularly attempt overtakes on other drivers, and this personality led to Lauda comparing him to Max Verstappen, who has similar traits but who has received criticism this season following a series of collisions during races, most notably with Sebastian Vettel and his own team-mate, Daniel Ricciardo.

Lauda said the pair were both "hot-headed" on the track, but Jacques Villeneuve has taken offence to the comparison.

“I admit I was shocked to be told that Niki Lauda had dared to compare Gilles to Max Verstappen,” he told Le Journal de Montreal.

“It is shameful."

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Villeneuve even suggested the comments from Lauda may have been born out of jealousy that the Austrian was once replaced by Gilles at Ferrari, but did admit to some minor similarities between his father and Verstappen.READ MORE: READ MORE: 

“Maybe Lauda still has a problem with Ferrari’s decision to replace him with my father. ... I agree that the Red Bull driver takes risks like my father did, but there is a big difference – my father had respect for his opponents and learned from his mistakes.”

“His education was completely different. Unlike Verstappen, Gilles would not block or change course direction on the track,” the 1997 world champion added. “Quite frankly I don’t understand the comparison at all.”

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  • Randy Buster
    Never followed Villeneuve but Max should be sent back to the minors until such time as he can get his head out of his ass and drive with a bit of intelligence. Right now he is just a spoiled brat who will kill someone.
  • Koen van der Molen
    Can anyone please tell me how to structually block any news containing Villeneuve's opinion on something? I'm really getting tired of this selfproclaimed 'F1 legend' and his poop mouth.
  • Mark Mann
    Who is he talking to? I mean does anyone even listen to him anymore? If a Jacques Villeneuve falls in a forest, does it still complain?
  • Rick Wilson
    Once a dick...always a dick. He may be right and has a right to his opinion. Especially about HIS father. Still Jacque is a jerk-off.
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    If I were Jaques I’d punch him for saying that. As a fan of Ferrari and Giles I’m angry with Nikki
  • Henk van Hemert
    Wat een eikel. Als je niets nuttig te zeggen hebt hou dan je mond. Sukkel.
  • James Wolford
    Does Villeneuve ever have anything positive to say?
  • Jeff Larsen
    Why do they give this asshole so much press?
  • Jonattan Chuquimia
    Villeneuve crying again, Who cares?
  • Mike Wolert
    Jacques is never happy anymore...
  • Alvaro Sanchez
    No one should be compared with Gilles
  • Allan Shingleton
    Maybe he should go write a song about it.
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Max is a biggest shit!
  • Henk Poolen
    Villeneuve needs head but
  • Matthew Tabone
    Ryan Campbell shut up jacques
  • Saram Shahid
    nobody cares what he says

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