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Verstappen warns F1 against "impossible" change

Verstappen warns F1 against "impossible" change

Verstappen warns F1 against "impossible" change

Verstappen warns F1 against "impossible" change

Max Verstappen believes it "impossible" for F1 to ditch tyre blankets and predicts 'big crashes' should the sport persist with its plan.

In a bid to save energy and reduce its carbon emissions, F1 is currently attempting to safely phase out the use of tyre blankets.

The overwhelming response from the drivers, however, has been negative, making their voices heard following a Pirelli tyre test in the United States in which blanket temperatures were run at 50 degrees compared to the regular 70.

Reacting to this criticism, Pirelli returned temperatures to 70 degrees in Mexico but with the caveat that warmers could only be used for two hours rather than the regular three.

These changes were met positively by the drivers, leading to reports that F1 could be set to scrap its plan to phase out the device.

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Although other championships do not use blankets, Verstappen said: “You have a lot less power [in those series].

"These cars are very heavy as well. I’ve tried it, but it is just really almost impossible to drive [on cold tyres].

“In my private time I also drive a GT3 car with no tyre blankets, but those cars are a lot more forgiving and it is a lot easier to manage than these kinds of cars.

"If you go on the power a little bit too much [in an F1 car], from the power that you have in the engine, it is going to be a big crash.”

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