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Hamilton launches film and TV production company
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Hamilton launches film and TV production company

Hamilton launches film and TV production company

Hamilton launches film and TV production company

Hamilton launches film and TV production company

Lewis Hamilton has launched his own film and TV production company, Dawn Apollo Films.

The seven-time champion has set up the production company with talent outfit Copper, run by his manager Penni Thow.

Hamilton has already revealed two of the projects he will be working on as an executive producer, one a documentary about his journey and the second a well-documented F1-based film featuring Brad Pitt and directed by Top Gun: Maverick's Joe Kosinski.

The Apple TV+ project will see Pitt play a driver who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie.

Speaking to Hollywood outlet Deadline, Hamilton said: "I try to move forward. Whether it’s positive or negative, I try to channel energy into the right direction through my work.

"I’ve always been into movies. I watch a lot. I find it a real escape. There are a lot of movies I find inspiring and I’ve always dreamed of one day doing something in this space.

"The question was often asked whether I would act. I’ve been very fortunate to be an F1 driver so I never really had time to dedicate to the craft of acting but a dream of mine has been to story-tell.

"I sat down with my team, and I asked “What would it take for us to start a production company?”, and I went around and I met a range of producers and filmmakers in LA just to gain knowledge. One of them was Jeffrey Katzenberg.

"The goal is to make impactful stories and ultimately to inspire people through movies and storytelling. A big part of the new company will be about social impact, community and causes. That’s very important to me."

Explaining the choice of the name, Hamilton added: "Apollo is the Greek god of sunlight, music and poetry, so I’ve always loved the name.

"Dawn because it is a time of other-worldliness and light, and symbolizes new beginnings. It’s generally a time of day that I love."

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