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Belgian GP fans issue 'save Spa' directive - GPFans poll results

Belgian GP fans issue 'save Spa' directive - GPFans poll results

Belgian GP fans issue 'save Spa' directive - GPFans poll results

Belgian GP fans issue 'save Spa' directive - GPFans poll results

GPFans readers have voted on a series of polls across the week and we have listened.

Part two of our results round-up centres around the Belgian Grand Prix as its future hangs in the balance with its contract up at the end of the season, although the strong suggestion is it will again be on the calendar for 2023.

For part one of our results round-up that focused on the future of Daniel Ricciardo, click here.

Spa backed to remain on F1 calendar

Spa Francorchamps is a true drivers' track with each corner carrying a significant risk and challenge.

Despite its remote location and poor access network, it is also a fan favourite with a sell-out crowd travelling to witness this year's event - a remarkable show of loyalty when you factor in last season's washout.

It has not always featured on the calendar, however, and was most recently dropped in 2006 but as GPFans readers have indicated, losing the venue again would be far from popular.

We asked, "Should the Belgian GP remain on the F1 calendar?", and you told us:

Yes. It is too iconic to lose! - 98 per cent

No. If it can't pay, time to go! - Two per cent

What you said:

YankeeF1 said: "I'd rather see Monaco go before Spa. Weird wealth flexing is not a reason to keep Monaco unless they're gonna race cars that fit on the track."

PhilippeJoie01 added: "Would tennis drop Wimbledon? No. Would Golf drop St Andrews? No. Would cycling drop Tour de France? No.

"Each sport is proud of its history and keeps it alive, especially when sports actors (the drivers) and the spectators love the track and the scenery, and therefore support Francorchamps."

Save F1 history!

The Belgian Grand Prix is one of seven races that made up the inaugural F1 season in 1950. Of these venues, four remain in action today, with Monza, Monaco and Silverstone joining Spa-Francorchamps in this number.

None have featured in every season but all have a special place in the hearts of both drivers and fans alike.

As F1 welcomes an influx of new and exotic venues like Las Vegas, Miami and Qatar, there is a growing fear the historic venues will pay the price for these more lucrative excursions.

But the fan response is clear. When we asked if the historic races should be protected, you voted:

Yes. Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Monaco - F1 needs these events! - 94 per cent

No. Money talks and times change! - Six per cent

What you said:

TheUnredComment wrote: "No race/track should be protected if it refuses to adapt to the requirements of the sport. That being said however F1 and the FIA should not be able to use that to hold tracks to ransom for profit.

"Tradition should not stand in the way of progress and evolution. Just because something's been done for a long time a certain way doesn't mean it should never have to change and grow.

"Of course I would miss some tracks if they were to never come back, but it's also interesting when there's something new and/or different.

"I think F1 should be looking at the possibility for an alternating 2-year calendar, with maybe a few races every year at the same tracks while others are only every other year. Tracks can split the costs of the contract between them to hold a race every other year."

Belgian changes get thumbs up

In order to aid the return of top-level bike racing and also to improve safety, Spa Francorchamps has undergone a number of changes for this season.

This has included the addition of gravel traps, widening or reprofiling run-off areas and resurfacing a number of corners.

Although the work has removed some bumps, it has not come at the cost of a lack of character with the gravel traps more than making up for this.

Rating the changes, you voted:

Yes. Gravel is always better! More, please! - 94 per cent

No. The gravel was removed for a reason. Old school is a step back! - Six per cent

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