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FIA "duty bound" to tackle F1's bouncing crisis

FIA "duty bound" to tackle F1's bouncing crisis

F1 News

FIA "duty bound" to tackle F1's bouncing crisis

FIA "duty bound" to tackle F1's bouncing crisis

Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer has conceded the FIA is "duty-bound" to act upon potential safety issues.

But Szafnauer has revealed he would prefer not to see a change to F1 regulations mid-season as the sport aims to tackle aggressive bouncing and its effect on drivers.

A controversial technical directive was announced at the Canadian Grand Prix where the sport's governing body allowed a second floor stay to be used by teams, whilst sensors were used to gather vertical acceleration load data.

That data has been analysed, with an update to the TD revealing constraints will be brought in at the French Grand Prix as a new metric will be used to measure whether cars are within an acceptable upper boundary of vertical oscillation.

If teams are unable to conform, changes would need to be made to either the car or set-up, whilst widespread problems could lead to technical changes across F1.

Szafnauer responds to changes

But with the TD already enacting change through updated parameters to plank wear and skid stiffness, Szafnauer was asked if he was concerned about goalposts being moved.

"Well, it is better to have sight of the rules early on and not have to change them mid-season," replied Szafnauer.

"Having said that, there has been a precedent... if it is a safety issue, the FIA are duty-bound to look at it and make changes.

"But I am always in favour of knowing the rules well in advance, having an even playing field and then letting everyone find their own solution.

"So the earlier we know the better. But like I said, if you are mid-season and there are safety concerns, they have to act."

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