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McLaren must 'execute clear plan' - Seidl

McLaren must 'execute clear plan' - Seidl

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McLaren must 'execute clear plan' - Seidl

McLaren must 'execute clear plan' - Seidl

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl has insisted the team now has a "clear plan to execute" after overcoming a difficult start to the season with a double points finish in Australia.

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo finished fifth and sixth at Albert Park having scored with only one car in four opportunities, with the British driver scoring the only points for the team in Jeddah.

Brake issues plagued McLaren in pre-season testing and the rushed compromise to ensure the car would be reliable enough to reach the end meant the performance of the MCL36 was not where the team expected.

With efforts being made to join the top three in the constructors' battle and asked when the fruits of the team's labours would be seen, Seidl replied: "It was obviously important that after realising we were lacking performance that we did, as quickly as possible, analysis, study, to work out how we can improve performance as quickly as possible.

"I am very happy saying we have a clear plan in place now of what we need to do with the car in terms of making steps in terms of performance.

"This could take a bit of time so we need to be patient despite the ambition but the most important thing is we have a clear plan that we execute now but in terms of when this is happening exactly, I don't want to go into too much detail."

Addressing potential obstacles for McLaren's resurgence, Seidl added: "There are different parameters you have to manage also.

"There is the cost cap you have to consider, there is the limited wind tunnel time we have nowadays which you need to consider and you need to somehow package it a bit, what you are doing."

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