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Red Bull claim F1 "lucky" to have Ferrari battle

Red Bull claim F1 "lucky" to have Ferrari battle

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Red Bull claim F1 "lucky" to have Ferrari battle

Red Bull claim F1 "lucky" to have Ferrari battle

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey believes F1 is "lucky" to have the team battling Ferrari at the top.

The sport introduced radical new regulations for the new season and has been treated to two exhilarating races between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, with both taking a victory each.

Asked if the raceability of the new cars was the best he has seen, Newey told F1 Nation: "I think at the moment, the lucky thing for F1 is that we have got two teams, Ferrari and ourselves, who over the first couple of races have had very similar performance.

"That is what is giving the good racing, obviously.

"In terms of the closeness of the racing, generally the drivers do think it is a bit easier to follow although Max was saying, as you probably heard on the radio, that he was finding he could get to about two seconds on the first stint and then couldn't get any closer.

"I think everything has gone in the right direction. The cars being so heavy makes them perhaps a little bit more difficult at times but it has been a brilliant couple of races."

Red Bull presented with "difficulties and challenges" with cost cap

With the new regulations presenting teams with new obstacles, focus will be on developing cars throughout the season in order to maintain competitiveness.

On whether the team had already mapped out its development arc, Newey explained: "Inevitably when there is a big set of regulation changes like this you have a big curve initially and that gradually, probably this season and over the following season will start to plateau out, that is the nature of any big regulation change.

"Obviously, this year is unusual compared to previous years because of the cost cap and then we have not only got to try to develop but develop within a tight budget and that presents its own difficulties and challenges.

"Again, that is the same for everybody."

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