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Mazepin triggers FIA meeting and offers help to solve F1 issue

Mazepin triggers FIA meeting and offers help to solve F1 issue

Mazepin triggers FIA meeting and offers help to solve F1 issue

Mazepin triggers FIA meeting and offers help to solve F1 issue

Nikita Mazepin has triggered a meeting with FIA race director Michael Masi over poor driving standards in F1 qualifying sessions.

Russian rookie Mazepin was maligned in the early phases of the season for breaking the sport's so-called 'gentleman's agreement' by overtaking rivals on the way into the final corner of an out-lap, in effect jumping the queue of cars waiting to set a flying lap.

At the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Mazepin was impeded heavily by Lewis Hamilton, prompting Haas boss Guenther Steiner to suggest bigger teams gain preferential treatment from the FIA, before a pack of four cars overtook Mazepin into the final corner in qualifying.

Asked if he had developed his viewpoint of such scenarios given he is now at the end of his debut season, Mazepin replied: "Well, funnily enough, I had an appointment with Michael because that is exactly what I wanted to see and discuss.

"It is not a criticism, it was an opportunity for me to speak with the stewards and see their opinion.

"I was very concerned about my actions back in Bahrain where I did a very similar thing as I would do in F2 which would be taken without criticism and I overtook cars into the last corner because I felt like I needed to go.

"I have been harshly told this is not acceptable and this is not what you do in Formula 1.

"Interestingly, 20 races later on, drivers who have been here over 10 years, most of them actually, overtook me - I think it was a pack of four or five cars into the last corner, about 150 metres before starting the lap.

"The rules are the same for everyone. I am new in this sport so I will play along with what others are doing but what I think is unacceptable is criticising the young generation and then as the year goes on changing their approach slightly.

"I need to learn and I need to analyse because what happened was very disappointing because I have been overtaken by Vettel, started the lap behind him and Max and they both braked on the straight and I had to brake as well.

"If you lose one and a half seconds into turn one, there is no point continuing the lap at the pace we are going. I need to speak, analyse and come back without these kinds of things."

On whether it was his decision to contact Masi and not the other way around, Mazepin confirmed: "That is correct.

"I spoke to Michael and asked him if he could find some time to speak with me to see what his opinion is and how we can sort it, not only from the stewards' perspective but also the drivers' perspective because I don't think it is working exactly the way it should be right now.

"If I can be of help or I can understand what a driver could do in that case, I'll be better."

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