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Hamilton slated as "desperate" and "dangerous" after putting Verstappen in hospital

Hamilton slated as "desperate" and "dangerous" after putting Verstappen in hospital

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Hamilton slated as "desperate" and "dangerous" after putting Verstappen in hospital

Hamilton slated as "desperate" and "dangerous" after putting Verstappen in hospital

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has labelled Lewis Hamilton as “desperate” and “dangerous” after he sent title rival Max Verstappen spinning into the barriers and hospital with a 51g impact at F1's British Grand Prix on Sunday.

Verstappen was sent to hospital for checks while Hamilton overcame a 10-second penalty in the re-started race to pass Charles Leclerc's Ferrari in the closing stages and claim what Horner described as a “hollow victory.”

Horner said: “It shouldn’t be like that. Max has incurred a 51G accident. Lewis Hamilton shouldn’t be making manoeuvres like that. It’s unacceptable.

“The biggest result for us today is that [Verstappen] was uninjured. He’s having to go to hospital for precautionary checks after a 51G accident. I hope Lewis is very happy with himself.

“He stuck a wheel up the inside in a corner that you just know you don’t do that. You just don’t stick a wheel up the inside of Copse in that corner in that circumstance.

“He was nowhere near ahead, it was contact left front to right rear, the speed they were travelling it’s one of the fastest corners in the world championship and Lewis has more than enough experience to know that that’s unacceptable.”

Horner - "I don't care what Lewis says"

Horner’s team protested the move with the race stewards as debate was sparked over whether it was a racing incident or not. After the race, Horner made clear his feeling the penalty was too lenient given the consequences.

“It wasn’t much of a penalty really, was it,” added Horner. “I am just very disappointed that a driver of his calibre should make such a move like that. It’s dangerous.

“It looked desperate, and he’s put a competitor, thank goodness uninjured, but he’s put him in hospital to get himself checked out.

"I don’t care what Lewis says. Have a look on your own analysis, draw your own comparison. For me, that’s a hollow victory.”

Horner confirmed Verstappen had escaped serious injury and added: “He was conscious throughout, he was very heavily winded, it was a hell of a shunt, probably the biggest of his career and totally unnecessary.

“Thankfully he got out o the car unaided. He’s battered and bruised but thankfully he is ok.”

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