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Domenicali – Return of fans a “game changer” for F1

Domenicali – Return of fans a “game changer” for F1

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Domenicali – Return of fans a “game changer” for F1

Domenicali – Return of fans a “game changer” for F1

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali described the return of spectators to the trackside of races as a “game changer” for this season after a successful fan-attended event in France at the weekend.

The Paul Ricard Circuit was the first permanent venue to host fans this season, following a successful move to allow spectators to watch around the streets of Monaco last month.

The momentum is set to continue with more fans again next week in Austria and the second Austrian race a week later planning to allow full capacity grandstands.

Domenicali welcomed the move and said: “It’s been great to see, the reactions of the drivers watching with the fans, cheering with them, and I really hope that already in Austria there will be crowds.

“The second Austria there will be a full crowd then hopefully, of course provided that we respect all the safety requirements that are the regulations of the country, we are going to see more crowds in the next races.

“This will be a game changer for the incredible season we are living this year.”

Domenicali - “Incredible race”

The race in France was a nail-biting one, with Red Bull's Max Verstappen overhauling leader and title rival Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes on the penultimate lap after their respective teams had opted for different strategies.

After what was the seventh race of what has so far been a dramatic season, Domenicali added: “It has been an incredible race and an incredible finish and that’s what we want to see already for next weekend in Austria.

“I am sure all the fans that were here, all the people watching on TV, and following our TV and social media will be delighted. We know that the fight is so tight that it will be this situation until the end.

“This is what we want to see and, of course, the dynamics related to the weather conditions, the different typology of tyres, to the different situations the drivers are having to manage make this season so exciting.

“The plans are [to have 23 races], that is the target, we will fight up to the end to make sure it is happening because with an entire season like that, you don’t have to miss any one.”

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