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Formula 1 confirms podium ceremony procedure

Formula 1 confirms podium ceremony procedure

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Formula 1 confirms podium ceremony procedure

Formula 1 confirms podium ceremony procedure

Formula 1 has confirmed how the Austrian Grand Prix podium ceremony will take place.

F2 and F3 have both run different procedures, with one taking place in the pits and the other on the grid. F1 officials have decided to run with the latter.

At the end of the race the top three cars will line up on the grid, similar to a post-qualifying situation, before moving to socially distanced 'cool-down areas', donning face masks and taking to the distanced podium.

“Other than the team mechanics, officials and FIA pre-approved television crews and the three FIA approved photographers, no-one else will be allowed in the designated area at this time (no driver physios nor team PR personnel),” read a statement issued by the FIA on Sunday morning.

“Once out of their cars, the top three finishers will be weighed by the FIA using the portable scales next to their cars. Each driver must remain fully attired until after they have been weighed.

“After the drivers have been weighed, the post-race interviews will take place in this designated area, and the interviewer will be Jenson Button.

“Once the interviews have been completed a remote-control trolley with water and towel will be delivered to each driver. No other drinks are permitted in the Parc Fermé area.

“The 1, 2, 3 Rostrum and Dias will be placed on the track in front of the top three cars.

“Each driver will be handed their Pirelli caps which will also contain a Medical Face Mask both of which must be worn during the Podium Ceremony.

“When the drivers are ready, an announcement for the Podium Ceremony will take place with each driver introduced to move to their respective Podium Dias steps.

“The national anthems will then take place and virtual flags will be displayed.”

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