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Ghost races lack the emotion of Formula 1 says Wurz

Ghost races lack the emotion of Formula 1 says Wurz

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Ghost races lack the emotion of Formula 1 says Wurz

Ghost races lack the emotion of Formula 1 says Wurz

Grand Prix Drivers Association president Alex Wurz has revealed that, while drivers are not fans of racing behind closed doors, no Formula 1 driver is against returning to the track.

Speaking on the Sky Sports F1 Vodcast, Wurz said the 'ghost races' will be lacking in emotion with no fans to provide an atmosphere.

“Let me say that I think no one in motor sport, no driver, and personally me definitely not, is a fan of ghost races, because we live from the emotions that are shared together," said Wurz.

“A football match or athletics, they have a stadium, we have a race track and 100,000 spectators who share this great event together, and that makes a big difference to how you feel.

“However, all the drivers I have spoken to, and I’m constantly in talks with them, no one has said I don’t want to do it, or I feel it’s the wrong thing to do.

Formula 1 has yet to formally announce a revised calendar, but CEO Chase Carey has confirmed the initial plan of holding two races at the Red Bull Ring in Austria to open the season.

The first of these would be run on July 5, with the second following one week later.

It is expected to be some time before fans will once again be allowed on site, but the Wurz told of the 'obligation' felt by drivers to provide entertainment to fans who remain stuck in lockdown.

“It’s actually the right thing to do because we have an obligation to our industry.

“F1 is a global industry, and like every government in the world, we are all trying to kickstart the industry, the economy, because people’s families and mortgages depend on it. And it’s the same in F1.

“So ghost races are a means to get us back on track earlier than if we wait for fan-attended races. Therefore, we are looking for ghost races, and all the drivers accept that fully.”

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