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Behind closed doors racing an option says Brawn

Behind closed doors racing an option says Brawn

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Behind closed doors racing an option says Brawn

Behind closed doors racing an option says Brawn

Formula 1 motorsports managing director Ross Brawn has said that behind closed doors racing is an option as the sport continues to target a ‘19-race season’.

Speaking on the Sky Sports F1 Vodcast, Brawn said that a July start to the season was the current target. At the time of writing, the first nine races of the season have been postponed or cancelled leaving an earliest possible start date for the season of June 28 at the French Grand Prix.

"If we were to start at the beginning of July, we could do a 19-race season," said Brawn. "It's tough, three races on, weekend off, three races on, weekend off - but we've looked at all the logistics.

"Our view is that probably a European start would be favourable, and that could even be a closed event. We could have a very closed environment where teams come in on charter [flights], we channel them into the circuit, we make sure everyone's tested, cleared, there's no risk to everyone and we have a race without spectators.

"That's not great, but I think it's still better than no racing at all."

For the championship to be officially classed as a world championship, the season must consist of eight grands prix, and Brawn continued by outlining his view of a worst case scenario.

"Eight races would be the minimum, and we could achieve eight races by starting in October," continued Brawn. "But there's always the possibility we could run into next year. That's being explored and we could stray into January to finish the season, though there's all sorts of complications with that.

"The choice this year is anything between eight and 19."

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