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FIA UPHOLD Sainz Australian GP penalty after appeal

FIA UPHOLD Sainz Australian GP penalty after appeal

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FIA UPHOLD Sainz Australian GP penalty after appeal

FIA UPHOLD Sainz Australian GP penalty after appeal

Carlos Sainz's time penalty at the Australian GP time penalty has been upheld after Ferrari's petition for a review was dismissed on Tuesday.

Sainz was demoted from fourth to 12th in Melbourne after he was hit with a five-second penalty for causing a collision with Fernando Alonso in a chaotic penultimate lap.

Following a standing restart, two crashes took place before a red flag was thrown for the third time in the race.

Sainz crashed into third-place Alonso, setting off a series of other collisions, with the race ending behind a safety car.

Stewards decided that Sainz was to blame for the crash, and his demotion meant Ferrari left Melbourne pointless after Charles Leclerc retired earlier on in the race.

No luck for Ferrari

Ferrari appealed the decision but the FIA has thrown out the Ferrari petition, citing that the team did not bring “significant and relevant new information which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned.”

Ferrari were required to provide significant, new and relevant evidence for the stewards to re-open the case

In a virtual hearing on Tuesday morning, it was determined Ferrari failed to do this.

Responding to the decision, Ferrari said they are 'disappointed' by the verdict and 'felt that we had provided sufficient significant new elements for the FIA to re-examine the decision'.

"We are, however, respectful of the process and of the FIA decision," the statement added.

After the incident, Sainz fumed as he waited in the pit lane for the rolling restart, telling his team over the radio that the penalty was "unacceptable".

"I prefer not to talk right now," Sainz later told Sky Sports F1. "Honestly, I am too disappointed and I am going to say bad things. It is the most unfair penalty I have seen in my life.

"I prefer to have a conversation with them and then come talk to you guys because right now I cannot do it."

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