Verstappen: 'Lack of engine parts frustrating'

Thuesday, 14 november 2017, 05:44

Max Verstappen has bemoaned a lack of engine parts at Renault following his fifth-placed finish in the Brazil Grand Prix on Sunday, with the French manufacturer struggling to meet the demands of the engine replacements required by Red Bull and their second team, Toro Rosso.

The Dutchman, who claimed the flag in the Mexico GP two weeks ago, but it was at this event that Lewis Hamilton earned enough points to become Formula 1 championship winner, and with this sewn up, Renault are wary about producing more engine parts before the 2018 season.

He told De Telegraaf"On the one hand I can understand that.

"But on the other, if you have so many problems with reliability during the season, then as a supplier you have to do what you can to have enough parts on the shelf.

"That just seems logical. It's frustrating but we also have to accept it."

The 20-year-old became the youngest Grand Prix winner in history in 2016 when he triumphed in the Spanish GP, and even with first place out of reach this season, Verstappen believes it is a shame that Renault is withholding new part production.

"After four very good races it's a bit of a pity, but you also have to be realistic. The car itself was good [in Brazil]."

The manufacturer has been embroiled in a spat with Red Bull's second team, Toro Rosso, this week, as due to the engine situation it is possible they could miss out in competing in the Abu Dhabi GP with parts becoming scarce.

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  • Dilip Shyam
    Max has absolutely no sense of judgement, when he can dive into a corner trying to overtake, when he gotta back off while racing side by side against an opponent...He always tries to go for it 10/10 times and ends up crashing into the opponent half the number of times...Sadly he doesn't have the ability to judge with a clear mind and back off, only to try in next corner...Max Shud go to tuitions with Hamilton on weekends when there's no race...
  • Ian Miles
    Whenever Red Bull are winning, it is Red Bulls taking the credit. When they are not doing so well it is Renault, a company that helped them to four world championships and powered them to podiums and race wins this year that get the criticism. Much like their drivers then.
  • Rudy Cloon
    doesn't matter, the plan is to switch to Honda in 2019 and crush everybody, they will still get crap Renault parts next year anyway. you know they are already designing the chassis to take a Honda, maybe even mid year next year if things work out great for toro rosso
  • Bobby Bass
    Stop treating the car like a rally car and respect your engineers for always fixing your mistakes.
  • Mary Ebbs
    Think the boy is growing up into a bit of a winger!
  • Henk Poolen
    All of you are haters we dont give a fuck this boy can race
  • Mohd Alif Mohd Asri
    So u need to cut the corner for that?
  • Anthony May
    And McLaren is moving to these guys for their engines?
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Beat Ricciardo First. Talk after.
  • Shaun Mayo
    it'll only get worse next season.
  • Andy Hall
    Never his fault
  • Mike Megyesi
    Try Pep Boys or Auto Zone

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