Hamilton drive 'the best fourth place ever'

Monday, 13 november 2017, 04:46

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has praised Lewis Hamilton after his heroics at the Brazilian Grand Prix, calling his drive 'the best fourth place I've ever seen.'

Hamilton was forced to begin the race from the pitlane after spinning out in qualification and his team performing some running repairs to his vehicle on Saturday evening.

But the introduction of the safety car brought Hamilton back into contention and he proceeded to tear through the grid, making up 10 places in eight laps before ultimately finishing in fourth spot, just 5.4 seconds behind winner Sebastian Vettel.

Speaking to the media after the race, Wolff could not contain his appreciation for Hamilton's performance, and even suggested that, at one point, he thought the world champion could actually win the race.

Wolff said: "I think a win would have been possible.

"He was the quickest guy out there. But you must remember that Sebastian was managing the pace at every time of the race, apart from the last laps. So we haven't probably seen the real race.

"For me it was the best fourth place I've ever seen. If you consider starting from the pitlane and ending up 5.4 seconds behind the leader, it is quite an astonishing drive."

Wolff also added, though, that in a team meeting to discuss strategy pre-race, the team had identified fourth as the best-case scenario if events fell in Mercedes' favour. 

He added: "When we discussed it in the morning, we thought that what would be a realistic target with a safety car would be P4.

"We had the safety car so that helped us a little bit. But the gap to Ferrari was too close to have achieved much more."

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  • Brian Andujar Perez
    People go back to 2006 Michael Schumacher start 10 position had an accident when back to 19 them he finished 4. Thats the best 4th place ever.
  • Bryan Roebuck
    Ummmmmm, vettel's drive to 4th 2 weeks ago was way more impressive. He did not benefit from a safety car and did it in freaking Mexico.
  • Prasad S Bhutkar
    Someone else did it Malaysia last month without a new engine but since he is only blamed and not praised m not surprised
  • Gervas Junior
    am vettel fan..... but when it comes for lewis no one can beat him in this generation... am proud to sea lewis on his era...
  • Richard Provost
    “We are not worthy” Hahaha ya right. Who cares about this self loathing, whiny little clown.
  • Amitabh Krishna
    Toto is blind. Vettel did the same thing 2 weeks ago. TOTO is suffering from Alzheimer’s
  • Wullie Reid
    Was Wolfe still at school in 2011 when Jenson Button came from the back to 1st in Canada???lol!
  • Dave Webster
    Greatest drive ever! Just as our simulations predicted! Bland PR bullshit! Move along, nothing to see here
  • Christine Muise
    Vettel won....remember!!! Who cares about Hamilton!!
  • Robert DeCastro
    Sure Lewis..your car had all the upgrades going into the race.lol.
  • Jim Muise
    Who couldn't, its Brazil..... easy
  • Nic Kerrison-Davey
    3rd loser...lol
  • Jennie Warren
  • Dwight Rafanan Artates
    Who cares
  • Roger Armstrong

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