ANOTHER F1 group targeted by robbers in Brazil

Monday, 13 november 2017, 04:27

A car containing Pirelli tyre fitters were the latest F1 representatives to suffer an attempted robbery as the Brazilian Grand Prix drew to a close on Sunday night. 

The group were returning to the airport following the end of the race in Sao Paulo when another vehicle attempted to drive them off the road. Fortunately the driver was able to escape to safety, but the incident rounds off a difficult weekend for the Brazilian authorities.

Members of Mercedes' team were targeted and robbed at gunpoint on Friday evening, prompting driver Lewis Hamilton to request a review of security for teams at the track, which has previous for these incidents in the past.

Jenson Button was subjected to a similar incident in 2010 and despite increased security in and around the circuit on Sunday, the fact that another attack came close to happening will leave both Grand Prix organisers with questions to answer.

Team members from Wiliams and Sauber were also targeted, while FIA officials were also approached by armed men before reaching safety. 

Hamilton was critical of the protection offered to the teams and personnel, stating: “The most frustrating thing is that I’ve been in Formula 1 for 10 years and every single year that has happened to somebody in the paddock, and it continues to happen.

“It’s an issue I’m sure the government here are fighting, but I think maybe on this weekend, there are protocols that should be put in place to help, like for example when we go to Mexico, which weren’t there for these guys.

Brazilian Felipe Massa also criticised the security, adding that he would not move his family back to Sao Paulo because of security fears."

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Comments (27)

  • Andrews Zoltan
    It has always been dangerous, they need to take better precautions. Lots of events and tourists goes to Brazil. It’s not fair to loose this classic race because of scumbags thieves.. just hire Elite Squad to serve as security problem solved!
  • Rohith Iyyattil
    Simple, airlift them...why is it absolutely necessary to take the roads? And while you are at it, please return the money you steal from spectators by over charging them as air drop packages... These muggings will reduce on its own then...
  • Matt Wenzel
    Years ago didn't a bunch of armed bandits surround the Jensen motorcade and pull out automatic weapons or something like that? There are quite a few places wanted to host races, maybe it's time to rotate a new track into the schedule.
  • Tiago Schwingel
    Yes! Brazil is too dangerous to anybody. We have around 58,383 violent crimes, equal to 160 homicides per day.
  • Ab Duncan
    interlagos is a great venue and there are risks no matter where you go, it would be a shame to lose it from the calendar - just up security and make it safer.
  • Andy Hall
    Should be escorted to and from the venue and they should only be allowed to eat at certain places with a secure team too It's not rocket science
  • Fay Stebbings
    Boycott the buggers! Let them know it'll be less tourist money next year! Go & get a bloody job & earn a decent wage you sad losers!!!
  • Allan Folmersen
    Just hire some guards with authorisation to carry and use necessary force to ensure the safety of the clients.
  • John Cooksey
    The team's should refuse to go there, until the team members can be assured of their safety
  • Bryan Roebuck
    The organizers are clearly not paying off the right drug dealers for protection
  • Robert DeCastro
    With all the track in the US and. Europe? what's more to gain in Brazil?
  • Jan Ove Skutvik
    Paula Diniz Rocha.......................hmmmmmmmmmm.......
  • Sue Probert
    pull out, why put anyone at risk !! its not worth it !!
  • Paul Brown
    It's the country that's dangerous. Yes, it's too dangerous.
  • Claudio Souza de Carvalho
    The chief of robbers is the president hinself.
  • Steve Calvert
    YES, it is too dangerous to be there
  • John Hersam
    It's been that way for 30 years.
  • Alex Nofzinger
    Was it the same group that robbed Ryan Locke
  • Kevin Maloney
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    Joshua Brown
  • Michael Trotter
    Noooo geez f1 ya getting soft
  • Zanoah Mannen
    Stephany Monteiro
  • David Bern
    Dump it...
  • Ricardo Zeegers
    Abort! Abort that country
  • Amitabh Krishna
    Come back to india.

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