Alonso seriously considered quitting F1 last year

Thuesday, 13 march 2018, 06:56 , by Martin Macdonald

Fernando Alonso has admitted that he considered quitting Formula One altogether in 2017 in order to pursue his dream of winning the motorsport 'triple crown' as he was involved in yet another season without success with McLaren, who once again suffered engine problems.

The Spaniard is a two-time world champion and is considered one of the greatest ever drivers in F1, but these championship wins came over a decade ago, with his recent years with McLaren not even mustering up as much as a race win.

He has not hid his desire to win the triple crown which includes wins at the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans, and has now admitted that he thought about quitting F1 to achieve the feat.

"Yes, I did think about the possibility of changing series and stopping Formula 1," Alonso told F1 Racing.

"After I did the Indy 500 last year, when I came back there were a couple of races in Austria, Silverstone, when I thought, 'Maybe next year I could try a different series; I could do full commitment to the triple crown and do Indy and Le Mans and maybe that's the best thing'.

"But I felt it was not the time for me to step out - not right now, not after these results, not with this feeling. I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life and that I would have this bad taste for the rest of my racing career.

"So definitely I still want to succeed. There is unfinished business for me and McLaren together.

"And I think this year is the time all these things will change. I feel pretty sure about that."

McLaren are the second-most successful team in the history of F1, but finished ninth last season - something which Alonso insists must not happen again this campaign.

"A bad year for McLaren is third or fourth in the constructors' championship, never ninth."

When asked if this season would be a return to normality for McLaren, Alonso said: "Yes - back to normality, back to this normal feeling of getting to every grand prix and preparing through practice and qualifying and knowing that you should be in the top five - and if you do well you could be on the podium.

"And if you do something really special, you could even be a winner."

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  • Vernon Naicker
    Racing in F1 may be the pinnacle for the participants but it is not a racing spectacle as such. I may be a fan of F1 but lets not be naive. Lots of racing category out there that is very much more entertaining without being as technical. What is great is when the entire field of drivers can actually compete for the win. No one or two teams go through 10 year stints at the top!
  • Andy Hall
    Proved there was life outside of F1 As much as we like to think F1 is the pinnacle, simple truth is the racing elsewhere is much more interesting for drivers in other series Can't be much fun following the car in front for 2 hours
  • Anet Kotze
    Why are we getting last seasons post, does it really matter now with the new season starting, Alonso is ready for F1 and WEC for 2018. He is all reved up and ready to go. Hopefully with a very competing car this time around
  • Darina Ivanova
    "Mmm only keep your head up"!!!The best champion
  • Eduardo Lemao
    if he goes away, every car on the grid will be 2 seconds faster per lap kkkk
  • Karl Davy
    doesnt the triple crown involve winning them all in the same season ?
  • Garth Armstrong
    Bye bye sook should have stayed with Ferrari
  • Gareth Lunn
    Looks like he'll be doing the same this year too
  • Paul McKenna
    Any surprise

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