Lights Out: Hamilton's Ferrari hope & F1 Explained

Monday, 12 march 2018, 03:00

Lewis Hamilton says Ferrari and red Bull catching up to Mercedes in 2018 will be good for Formula 1. A potential three-way title scrap isn't all that's new this year, and we'll have the answers to your questions. It's lights out for Monday morning!


Red Bull and Ferrari flexed their muscles in Barcelona last week, with Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen and record-breaking Sebastian Vettel all putting in never-before-seen lap times at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Although the Silver Arrows' dominance of the hybrid era looks at risk, Hamilton says bring it on!

Fernando Alonso was the only other driver to put in a lap time comparable to the Ferrari pair, as McLaren try to get back to the front with Renault power.

The Woking squad suffered with poor reliability in pre-season, however, which could leave them vulnerable in the early races of the campaign.

The popularity of Max Verstappen has prompted Liberty Media to investigate bringing the Dutch Grand Prix back to F1, though the Red Bull star is unsure whether any of his home country's circuits are suitable.

And finally, are you confused by the seven (SEVEN!) slick-tyre options available in 2018? Fear not, because we have the answers here.

If you're still unsure about the halo, or if you have a question about the tweaked engine rules this year, we've also got you covered.


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