Lewis Hamilton voted Driver of the Day!

Sunday, 12 november 2017, 13:32

Formula 1 fans have voted for Lewis Hamilton as their performer of the day following the Englishman’s stunning recovery from 20th to 4th over the course of the Brazil Grand Prix this afternoon.

The Mercedes driver started in the pit in the GP due to an early crash in qualifying yesterday, and even though he has already claimed the Formula 1 Championship, it was evident from the get-go it was his intention to blitz his way through the pack.

Hamilton quickly made his way into the middle of the field and it was here where he put the foot on the gas and eventually went beyond Max Verstappen, with his Mercedes visibly outperforming the Red Bull vehicle of the young Dutchman. Eventually finishing fourth, fans have deemed this recovery as worthy of their Driver of the Day vote.

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  • Kay Radley
    I really don't get the hate towards Hamilton, he is definitely one of best f1 drivers out there and he's worked his butt off since he was a kid to get there. Mist drivers get into it coz of their rich families, not because of talent or determination. Hat's off to Lewis, he's an f1 legend and doing it for the brits!
  • Susan Street
    Liked him as a young man, but not so hot on him now. Lost any humbleness he had from all the hard work his father and he put into getting there. We'll see how the other young guns handle fame, but Ham doesn't hold a candle to Schumi. Just mho.
  • Brett Summers
    No. The only reason he can over take so easily is he has the quickest car in the field. Give him a toro Rosso or mclaren and see how well he does from the back.
  • Benji Austin
    Max does it- driver of the day. Vettel does it- driver of the day. Hamilton does it- driver of the day but with constant hate from so called f1 fans.
  • Dave Ladd
    I'm not one of his fans but he's probably one of the best to ever race at this level and I was actually rooting for him to get a podium..:)
  • Martin Hossell
    He deserved to be driver of the day because he came all the way from the back to 4th. He was the only interesting watching point of the race really
  • Michael Haskey
    Bottas is certainly not driver of the day. A very poor performance from him even though he got 2nd. Mercedes no.2 driver.
  • Peter David Horney
    The car was the winner as any driver driving that car would have done the same . Fia should take a close look at the engine
  • Emma Nicholls
    Hamilton won't get my voted if he was the last racing driver on EARTH? and is my opinion
  • Brian Tennison
    All the Hamilton haters remind me of when Schumacher was dominating the sport. You either loved or hated him
  • Paul Goodwin
    Its was a great effort. Almost as good as the time Vettel was spun and came from last to the podium
  • Dave Ryan
    ...why..? for coming from back of grid with a huge help from a safety car on 1st lap...
  • Emma Nicholls
    Hamilton won't get my voted if he was the last racing driver on EARTH?
  • Jan Ove Skutvik
    The Ham had a good race today. Good help by some DNF,s and a safety car. But good pace.
  • Steve S Hisel
    GREAT JOB by Lewis Hamilton! SKILL and a TON of LUCK were on his side today.
  • Trevor Albone
    He drove a brilliant race pit lane to 4th well done
  • Robert Lemessy
    He is the drive of the day from last to 4th he drive Great today
  • Michael Bauer
    Vettel won with a great start was driver of the day in my book
  • Robert Jinx Joiner
    Yes , but Ricardos over takes where pretty impressive
  • Daniel Burkert
    No. He couldn't pass Raikkonnen
  • Joyce Mcneil
    Don't know haven't seen the Race yet
  • Pat Moxworthy
    No no no never ,he’ll will freeze over first
  • Kenneth Petrie
    Yes, he was brilliant today.
  • Christian Schmidt
    hahah hell no.
  • Frank Molinero
    He drove well. But no...
  • Jeannette Nehamee
    Gets my vote
  • Hansen Almani
    Never heard of her
  • Jacobo Oliver Torrecilla Vasquez
    Hamilton él mejor
  • Cristel Secaira
    No. No way
  • Brandon Mcevoy
    Yes i voted for him
  • Tiit Leosk
    Not to tay !!!!!!!
  • Scott Armstrong
    So overrated it's painful
  • Flavius Vulpis
    Never will!
  • Maureen Dunn
    Well done Lewis!!
  • Marcela Eme Laffayette

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