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Massa admits: I wouldn't live in Brazil

Massa admits: I wouldn't live in Brazil



Massa admits: I wouldn't live in Brazil

Massa admits: I wouldn't live in Brazil

Felipe Massa has insisted that Brazil must evolve their Grand Prix preparations and organisation to make things safer following another string of gun attacks on crew members this week in Sao Paolo.

On Friday evening, members of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes squad were held at gunpoint while traveling on a minibus, and although no-one was harmed, valuables were stolen and a firearm was at one moment pointed at a team member's head.

In addition, FIA employees were almost carjacked, as assailants attempted to smash the windows of their vehicle, with the victims to fortunate to escape.

Massa believes that the Brazilian authorities and F1 organisers need to do more to make people feel they are safe to work in and around Interlagos, while also stating his dismay at the circumstances.

"I was horrified," the Sao Paolo native told reporters.

"The saddest thing is that I've been in formula one for 10 years, and every year at least someone from the paddock becomes a victim like this. It's also the responsibility of Formula One. They need to do something to ensure that everyone is safe.

"It is so sad not only for those who are having the problems but also for Brazilians. But it just shows how much the country needs to evolve.

We race in Mexico, we've raced in India, and I don't know if it's any more dangerous than there.

"I love Brazil," Massa insisted, "but at the moment I will not go back [to live]."

"My son is studying in Monaco, he speaks three languages which is important for his future. Maybe in the future I would love to return to a better and safer country," he added.

This is not the first incident of violence surrounding the Brazilian Grand Prix, when, in 2010, Jenson Button was attacked at gunpoint only for his driver at the time to execute an escape.

Massa clearly has the backing of Mercedes with his comments, with Toto Wolff insisting it is nonsense that they are forced to travel with such levels of security just to do their jobs.

In a statement he added: "Brazil is a wonderful country, but we should not need armoured vehicles to travel safely from the hotel to the track.”

The FIA have confirmed that extra security will be in place for the race today.


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