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Alonso's "demanding" attitude the right approach to fire up Alpine

Alonso's "demanding" attitude the right approach to fire up Alpine


Alonso's "demanding" attitude the right approach to fire up Alpine

Alonso's "demanding" attitude the right approach to fire up Alpine

Fernando Alonso has been described as "demanding" by new Alpine racing director Davide Brivio but exactly the right person to drive the team forward.

After it was confirmed last season Alonso would be returning to Formula 1 this year after a two-year hiatus, the two-time champion wasted no time integrating himself into the team as he took part in numerous tests and was a background figure at races.

It is now Brivio's role to work with, and to get the best from Alonso following his own appointment to the team in mid-January after 20 years in MotoGP.

Brivio concedes his first dealings with Alonso have at least been positive as he learns about the 39-year-old's character as a person and a driver.

Asked whether he felt Alonso would be difficult to work with, the Italian replied: "No, I don't think so.

"We've had some chats and I see a very normal guy, extremely motivated, extremely willing to find and put together whatever is necessary to get the best out of the car, out of the team.

"He is coming not just to drive a car, but to get good results, to get some satisfaction.

"Yes, he's quite demanding, but that's what I like. We need this type of driver who is really keen to put everything together to get the maximum, so I welcome this type of attitude and approach.

"We will have to try to work together as best as possible in order to use his abilities and potential."

It is that attitude that convinces Brivio that Alonso will be challenging close to the front this year as long as Alpine can provide him with a good car.

"We have a guy who is a great champion," added Brivio. "He is coming back into a difficult sport, a difficult environment after enjoying other activities.

"So his desire to be back in the most difficult championship, to fight against everybody shows how strongly motivated he is.

"I can feel in chatting with him how strong and how hard he is working, how strong is his desire to be back, so I'm sure he will put in all his effort.

"If we are able to give him a good package then I'm sure he will be able to fight for the great positions."


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