Stroll praises Hamilton's ability to handle pressure

Monday, 12 february 2018, 07:32 , by Matthew Scott

Lance Stroll has revealed his admiration for the way Lewis Hamilton manages to handle pressure at the top, and admits that he would be happy at the end of his Formula One career if he claims half the amount of success the Englishman has achieved.

Hamilton is a four-time world champion and is going for his fifth this upcoming campaign. In the 2017 season, Sebastian Vettel led for a decent period, but Hamilton ultimately emerged victorious ahead of his Ferrari rival.

Stroll has revealed that he attempts to stay isolated from everything else when involved in GP races, and thinks Hamilton sets the example for his ability to handle pressure.

“I stay in my little bubble - that is what I try and do,” Stroll told the Express.

“There is always noise out there and distractions, but you just have to block all that noise out. People will say things. The crucial thing for me is that I stick to my job.

“I believe I have earned my shot in F1. I have won F3 and we all know F3 is a very high level. I come from a background that when I win, people try to put me down, and when I lose, people try to put me down. I accept that and I actually find it kind of funny.”

“You saw in the title race last year how well Lewis handles pressure, (Sebastian) Vettel folded, but Lewis was able to handle that expectation," he added.

"His car wasn’t always easy to drive. Mercedes struggled at a few races.

“But he still managed to get the most out of it and score points when he had to. He was consistent throughout the whole year. He really was on it, he was determined to score points every weekend.

“Hats off to him, he completely deserves the success he has had. He is extremely talented and I hope I can have half the success he’s had in my career.”

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