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Russell delivers "bring it on" call for F1 sprint races

Russell delivers "bring it on" call for F1 sprint races


Russell delivers "bring it on" call for F1 sprint races

Russell delivers "bring it on" call for F1 sprint races

George Russell believes the possible introduction of sprint races this season could open up opportunities for Williams.

F1 is set to deliver a definitive verdict on whether sprint races will at least be trialled later this year before the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix on March 28.

At present, the race weekends in Canada, Italy and Brazil are in the pipeline to stage the experimental events it is hoped will spice up a grand prix weekend.

While the general consensus to date amongst the drivers and team principals has been favourable, the all-important details are still to be finalised.

"The idea of mixing the weekend up a little bit can be interesting," said Russell. "We had the first taste of that in Imola last year [when a two-day weekend was employed] and I think that worked well.

"Ultimately, the racing in Formula 1 needs to improve, and I think that will improve in 2022. The car and the technical regulations basically allow the driver to fight.

"We could just be patient but equally...I'm not too sure. It will be interesting and it will open up opportunities which, in our position, I think we're looking for."

Russell at least has experience of sprint races from his time in GP3 and F2, and from his perspective, they did add excitement, albeit primarily because of the format in those series.

With the feature race first, the sprint race followed the day after and incorporated a reverse grid for the top eight.

Asked if he enjoyed the sprint races, Russell replied: "Yes, but that was because I was managing to come back through the field in the reverse-grid race.

"It will mix up the race weekends, it will offer up opportunities to us, and we're at the back of the field, so that's great for us.

"I guess, bring it on!"

Team-mate Nicholas Latifi, meanwhile, has confirmed he is "open to the idea" as long as "it doesn't create any unnecessary gimmicks or false racing".

Latifi added: "Formula 1 has to remain true to what it is, which is obviously the outright development, best technology, best cars, best drivers winning.

"As long as that stays the same and there are a few changes to the format here and there, then I'm completely for it.

"There could be more opportunities as well, for the position we might be in this year, that might be welcome.

"Looking ahead to next year, if the regulations do what they are supposed to do - which is what we are looking to achieve with these sprint races - it will create a bit more excitement."


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