Red Bull would dominate F1 with Mercedes engine, believes Verstappen

Sunday, 11 february 2018, 07:28 , by Matthew Scott

Red Bull's Max Verstappen feels that his team would be in a totally dominant position in F1 if they had the power of the Mercedes engine, and reckons that is the only part of the car that needs to improve for the 2018 season. 

Renault have been less prominent in recent seasons despite their success at the turn of the decade, where they paired with Red Bull to devastating effect, clinching four world titles. 

More recently Mercedes has came to the fore, and Verstappen is in no doubt that is the engine to beat, adding that if he had access to that power in the Red Bull chassis, they would be difficult to compete with. 

Speaking to Autosport, the Dutchman said: "I think that if we had a Mercedes engine in the back, they would never see us again.

"I had less horsepower than the other manufacturers, apart from Honda. Ours [MGU-H] just isn't that stable compared to what Mercedes and Ferrari have.

"But it has to do with several things. Otherwise they would have solved it a long time ago, of course."

The 20-year-old also reserved praise for the adaptability of his team to amend problems and ensure that the car remains competitive - but hopes that any issues can be resolved early so that crucial races aren't lost.

He added: "They thought about going for a low drag configuration, but for some reason it just didn't work out," said Verstappen of Red Bull's poor start to last year.

"Maybe it was a bit too optimistic, but you've seen that the team can turn things around very quickly.

"Of course, by then your season is already lost, but it does give you confidence for the future that it can go in the right direction."

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  • ??????? ???????
    There should be a rule that if a team supplies client engines to at least one team, it should be obliged to supply ones to other clients upon their request at the same terms. Also quality of engines should be equal for own team and client teams.
  • Martin Hossell
    Like they will ever get the Mercedes engine though. Mercedes know they will dominant with it so they don’t want a customer team to out do them
  • Adam Glass
    Let's see, if you put a more powerful engine in a good handling car you'll do better... mind blowing stuff right there.
  • Azrul Kamar
    I dont think so.. Coz supplier like merc and ferrari will only give last season engine spec..
  • Nico Mantani Awuapara
    Pero con cual motor Mercedes, con el que usa el equipo Mercedes o con el usan los clientes de Mercedes.
  • Zsolt Császár
    But Mercedes isnt that stupid as you think to give Rivals their engine you cunt
  • Morten Hagen
    careful , max , such statements may not be good for you , (ref Prost / Ferrari..) :)
  • Chipo Mumbi
    Hamilton would split the redbulls with a redbull engine smh
  • Andy Bateman
    Thats bloody obvious isn't it. Just stick to driving them Max.
  • Hugues Merone
    If the chassis doesn't match the engine or vice versa it won't work
  • Duane Harrison
    Absolutely, the RBs have always had the best aerodynamics team.
  • Matt Dingman
    Caption contest “duurrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.
  • Alexandre Tissier
    Thomas ce level de rage c’est chaud
  • Jonathan Carre
    Easy to say, but he can't actually be sure.
  • Robert Jinx Joiner
    With there aero package , they probably would
  • Reynaldo Cazamarez
  • Robin Evers
    Peter de Bruin Arjan Lanjouw
  • Nick White
    Very very true
  • Paul Albin
    He's a bright one that boy!
  • Dee Paterson
    They probably would

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