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F1 reimagined - Modern liveries on classic cars

F1 reimagined - Modern liveries on classic cars



F1 reimagined - Modern liveries on classic cars

F1 reimagined - Modern liveries on classic cars

F1 liveries are iconic and ever-changing. They are the calling cards of the 10 teams on the grid and are recognisable the world over.

But how would they look on regular machinery? Well, for a fun Christmas feature, GPFans editor Sam Hall decided to find out and, working on PlayStation simulator Gran Turismo, came up with the answer. We hope you enjoy!


Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 AMG '71

The 300 SEL is the definition of a 'bad guy' car with its black livery, Petronas swoop and, of course, Lewis Hamilton's iconic number 44.

Alfa Romeo and Ferrari

Alfa Romeo GIULIA TZ2 '65 & Ferrari 250 GTO '62

Two of the most stylish cars ever made, both the Alfa Romeo and Ferrari liveries compliment the classic machinery. Kimi Raikkonen's number seven and Sebastian Vettel's number five are run on the cars.

AlphaTauri and Red Bull

Honda S800 '66 & Aston Martin DB3S CN.1 '53

The plan was to put a livery of each entry onto a classic car from the manufacturer but AlphaTauri is a clothing label and Red Bull is an energy drink.

Therefore, the AlphaTauri livery, with Pierre Gasly's number 10, has been placed on an example from power unit supplier Honda, while the Red Bull equivalent, features on the DB3S from title sponsor - to the end of the year anyway - Aston Martin.

Racing Point

Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 AMG '71

Yes, this is on the same Mercedes 300 SEL as the W11 livery was applied to. Given the controversy from the start of the year, and the 'pink Mercedes' moniker for the RP20, how could it not be? It will obviously get the Aston Martin treatment next year!

McLaren and Renault

While McLaren is a road-going manufacturer, it did not have any car that fitted the era looked for. However, as an iconic British brand, can we not simply agree it fits the Mini perfectly?

The Renault livery is an oddity in that it fits onto almost any car you can imagine. Even on the R8 Gordini it creates a fierce aesthetic.


Ford Mustang Mach 1 '71

The first livery created, what other car could we possibly have chosen than the all-American Ford Mustang Mack 1. With such a large bonnet, Romain Grosjean's number eight was made suitably larger to fill the available space!


E-type Coupé '61

Last but not least, Williams. It may not have been the best year for the team as it journeys to return to the F1 midfield but its livery wins top marks, especially on the truly iconic Jaguar E-Type.


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