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Gasly at the limit of what is possible with AlphaTauri

Gasly at the limit of what is possible with AlphaTauri



Gasly at the limit of what is possible with AlphaTauri

Gasly at the limit of what is possible with AlphaTauri

Pierre Gasly believes he has hit the limit with what he can achieve with AlphaTauri as he continues to push for a return to Red Bull for next season.

Gasly was dropped by Red Bull midway through the 2019 season after struggling to match the performances of team-mate Max Verstappen.

Since then, the Frenchman's form has been eye-catching as he scored his maiden podium in Brazil last year, following up with his debut victory in the recent Italian Grand Prix, becoming the first driver to win a race with the team since Sebastian Vettel in 2008.

Despite Red Bull's continued backing for Alex Albon, Gasly is refusing to throw in the towel on his hopes of reclaiming the second seat with the team.

"Am I happy with things I am doing with the team at the moment? Yes," said the Frenchman

"Am I happy to work with this team? Yes. Is my goal to fight in the higher positions in Formula 1? Yes.

"You need to consider everything. On my side, I am trying the best I can to be in the fastest car possible.

"At the moment, I don't think I can do much more. I finished on the podium last year in Brazil, I won a race which only Seb [Vettel] has managed to do in 15 years, so on my side, I am pushing as much as I can to get my opportunity.

"We will see what happens. At the end of the day, I don't think there is one good and one bad option."

Despite being dropped by Red Bull after only 12 grands prix, Gasly feels he is doing enough to oust Albon, who is sensitive to the RB16's handling according to team principal Christian Horner.

"Looking at it objectively, Red Bull has the fastest car and I'm a competitive driver so I want to drive at the front," insisted Gasly.

"I don't know how many races I am going to be able to fight for a win for AlphaTauri, I don't know what is going to happen in the future, no one can guarantee it.

"There is also a high chance as well that we are never in a position to win. What I mean is on my side I am doing my best.

"I hope that all of the work and strong performances I am putting in at the moment will be giving me some good opportunities."

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