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Ferrari and Red Bull deny Mercedes 'scanning' claim

Ferrari and Red Bull deny Mercedes 'scanning' claim



Ferrari and Red Bull deny Mercedes 'scanning' claim

Ferrari and Red Bull deny Mercedes 'scanning' claim

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto and Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner have both denied being the culprit over an allegation of 'car scanning' by Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff.

In light of the recent 'copying' scandal involving Racing Point, Wolff recently suggested a degree of foul play from one of his rivals last season.

Speaking ahead of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone in August, Wolff commented: "We saw last year on a few occasions, one of our main competitors with a 3D camera – that is quite a thing, you need to have it on your shoulders – scanning our cars. In the garage and outside of the garage."

Binotto and Horner have now insisted their teams were not involved

"Honestly, no idea," said Binotto. "I’ve no idea if someone was scanning their car. Certainly, it was not us."

Teams employ photographers to not only take images of their own cars, drivers and events across a grand prix weekend, but also to provide close-up visualisation of new parts and components on the cars of their rivals.

While it is a common practice throughout the pit lane, Binotto does not believe it to be an issue, providing such information is used in the correct way.

"I think that taking pictures, scanning, I do not see any way, anyhow a problem with it," added Binotto. "I think what is wrong eventually is to do reverse engineering of an entire car."

Referring to the fact the rules on such practices have now been tightened by the FIA, he said: "But I think that one now has been clarified in the wording by the FIA and I’m happy with that conclusion."

Horner, meanwhile, cheekily suggested the person with the 3D camera was working for Racing Point.

"Looking at the similarity between the Racing Point and Toto’s car this year I can only assume it must have been Racing Point," said Horner.

"I don’t know what Toto’s referring to there but yeah, no idea I’m afraid, certainly not us."

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