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Formula 1 teams issued warning over "stockpiling" plans

Formula 1 teams issued warning over "stockpiling" plans


Formula 1 teams issued warning over "stockpiling" plans

Formula 1 teams issued warning over "stockpiling" plans

McLaren CEO Zak Brown is confident the FIA is on top of the issue of stockpiling parts ahead of the introduction of the budget cap in 2021.

In a bid to reduce costs in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, teams will run this year's machinery again next season.

With a $145 million cost cap being introduced from next year, and with radically different aerodynamic regulations coming into force in 2022, Brown claims the "natural place" for teams is to spend now to save budget later.

According to Brown, the FIA is on top of the situation to prevent the playing field from becoming uneven.

“The FIA are on top of what you can and can’t do," insisted Brown.

"Because next year’s car has a lot of carryover parts, there have been conversations around people stockpiling this year, with no budget cap for next year, to allow you to spend next year’s money more on 2022.

“So they [the FIA] are already on top of that."

It is understood a note was issued to the teams from the FIA on Friday night making clear that a revision to the rules was in the pipeline.

"They [the FIA] actually issued another statement to the teams overnight on this particular issue," revealed Brown.

"So I think that is the natural place teams would go, that if you were working today on a non-budget cap environment, what can you do to get a head start?

“But again, I think the FIA saw that coming and are on top of it and are putting regulations in place as to restrict your ability to spend a lot of money for ’21 to allow you a head start on ’22.”

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