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Binotto safe as CEO stops "revolving-door atmosphere" at Ferrari

Binotto safe as CEO stops "revolving-door atmosphere" at Ferrari



Binotto safe as CEO stops "revolving-door atmosphere" at Ferrari

Binotto safe as CEO stops "revolving-door atmosphere" at Ferrari

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has confirmed Mattia Binotto is safe in his role as team principal as he has vowed to end what he has described as "a revolving-door atmosphere" within the Scuderia.

Ahead of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari and Binotto are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons following a dismal start to the season and in the wake of the team's worst two-car result for a decade last time out in Belgium.

Despite the growing outside pressure, Camilleri has made clear there will be no changes as he insists he has "every confidence in Mattia Binotto and his team".

Speaking to this writer in an interview for The New York Times, Camilleri said: “The results aren’t there to prove what I’m saying, but these things take time.

"Regretfully in the past, there has been too much pressure and a history of people being let go. There was somewhat of a revolving-door atmosphere, and I’m putting a stop to that.

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“What we need is stability and focus. If you look at Red Bull’s period of winning championships, Mercedes today, other than talent, one of the key things they had was stability, and that’s something frankly our team has been lacking."

Camilleri referenced Ferrari's most successful era under Jean Todt, and with Michael Schumacher at the wheel, as it was years before the team embarked on its run of six consecutive constructors' championships and five successive drivers' titles.

“If I look back at the calibre of Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn [technical director at the time] and all those guys, it took them six years to get to what they ultimately became — this phenomenal winning team,” added Camilleri.

“So I want to ensure that stability remains in place, despite the unbelievable pressure there is on the team, particularly from the Italian media, who are quite brutal at times, calling for heads to roll, but that’s not the solution.

"This doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t consider injecting additional skills and resources into the existing team.”

As recently suggested by chairman John Elkann that Ferrari would unlikely be successful until 2022 when it is hoped new rules shake up the order, Camilleri said: “I would hope that by 2021 we can certainly improve on this season.

“For 2022, the new regulations come into play, and every time there has been a huge revolution in terms of the technical framework, it gives an opportunity for teams to be one up on the others. That’s our hope.

“We have the talent, work ethic and determination to get there, and I’m confident we will be up there battling again.”

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Comments (2)


Agree with the team stability angle however, before stability is achieved, there must be real talent to stabilize. Otherwise there will be several years into the future where Binotto will be saying “it’s going take years to fix the issue(s)”.

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I couldn't agree more. Stability is one thing, but in sports, the purpose is to win. Ferrari is on an inexplicable downturn. Binotto has made it clear he is out of his depth. I don't know why they keep putting engineers into the principal position. Has this worked out in the past?

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