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Norris popularity will only soar higher with faster car - McLaren

Norris popularity will only soar higher with faster car - McLaren



Norris popularity will only soar higher with faster car - McLaren

Norris popularity will only soar higher with faster car - McLaren

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has hailed Lando Norris as an ambassador for Formula 1 whose popularity will only continue to grow.

After just 25 grand prix starts 20-year-old Norris has proven himself behind the wheel, while off-track he has quickly become a fan favourite with his engaging personality, as well as proving to be social media savvy.

Suggested to Brown that Norris was a potential ambassador and statesman for F1, as well as an entertainer, he replied: "I think he already is. He just needs more time and results, and he stays with who he is.

"That is the hard part for athletes sometimes who are famous, rich and successful. Sometimes athletes stay very grounded and true to who they are, and then other times not.

"Knowing Lando, his family, his upbringing, I would think he will continue to grow into the person he is, but I think he is great for the sport, and he is already one of the fan favourites.

"As we give him a faster car and he gets more results, I think he will just grow in popularity."

Although the Norris/Carlos Sainz pairing has gelled over the past 18 months, that will break up at the end of the year when the latter leaves to join Ferrari. Norris will then be partnered by another 'entertainer' in Daniel Ricciardo.

While Brown laments the fact Sainz will be departing, he naturally sees Norris and Ricciardo as the future of McLaren that will help drive the team forward.

It is Norris, though, that draws his admiration further, notably remarking on the 'design-my-helmet' competition he set up prior to the British Grand Prix that was won by six-year-old Eva Muttram.

"I think Lando has been impressive since his debut in Australia at 19," added Brown.

"He is showing great maturity, and what I really like is just who he is, what he did with the helmet with six-year-old Eva was great.

"He's just a good quality individual, he's driving extremely well, and everyone enjoys working with him inside and outside the car, and that will continue.

"His fitness is very good, if you look at him when he first joined us he was a small guy, he is quite muscular now, so I think he is growing into Formula 1 quite nicely."

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