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FIA opens whistleblowing hotline

FIA opens whistleblowing hotline



FIA opens whistleblowing hotline

FIA opens whistleblowing hotline

The FIA has opened a new hotline affording whistleblowers the opportunity to report misconduct in the world of motorsport.

The FIA Compliance and Ethics Hotline has been set up as part of the FIA's mission "to safeguard the integrity and reputation of motorsport and automobile mobility worldwide", according to the world governing body.

The aim is for a zero-tolerance approach toward misconduct, with the hotline available to "report suspicious behaviour or concerns of misconduct", claim the FIA.

The three main tenets for reporting include alleged violations of the FIA ethical principles (which include financial misconduct or other legal, regulatory and ethical breaches); alleged issues related to sport integrity and/or manipulation of competitions; and alleged violations of the FIA anti-doping regulations.

With regard to a violation of ethical principles, examples include discrimination, harassment, bribery, corruption, mismanagement in conflict of interests, fraud and money laundering.

In relation to sport integrity/manipulation of competitions, the FIA states this refers to 'any arrangement, act or intentional omission aimed at improperly altering the result or running of a competition in order to remove all or part of the unpredictable nature of said competition, aiming to obtain an undue advantage for oneself or others.

Naturally, a report should be made in good faith and with reasonable grounds the information supplied is true, accurate and supported by evidence.

As a safeguard against reports made in bad faith, the FIA has warned possible disciplinary measures can be expected, including a civil claim or criminal charges.

Whilst the hotline affords a degree of confidentiality, the FIA is encouraging potential whistleblowers to be transparent as it has the aim of verifying "the seriousness of the reported misconduct to the extent possible" and is, therefore, suggesting "that information be openly communicated" which includes personal details to help follow up on any report.

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