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Sainz predicts continued progress for McLaren

Sainz predicts continued progress for McLaren



Sainz predicts continued progress for McLaren

Sainz predicts continued progress for McLaren

Ferrari-bound Carlos Sainz has said he hopes to share the podium with Mclaren after completing his move for the 2021 season.

McLaren are still rebuilding after a series of difficult years and, with the introduction of Mercedes power units for 2021, Sainz believes the team has a bright future.

"McLaren is forming an incredible team, with now Andreas Seidl and James Key there at the point of the arrow," said Sainz during a Formula 1 Instagram live interview.

"They are incredibly good people that are going to lead this team forward I'm sure. We are going through some very tough times, but I think they have the right people to go through these tough times that the world is going through at the moment, and I'm sure they will get over it, and we will all get over it soon.

"At the same time, I'm sure that the project Mercedes is going to move McLaren forward."

Sainz is only the fourth driver to make the switch directly from McLaren to Ferrari, and the rivalry between the two giants of the sport is one of the longest running in the 70-years of Formula 1.

Despite his move for the 2021 season, the Spaniard added: "Even next year when I'm part of Ferrari, trust me that nothing would make me more happy than seeing McLaren back at the top of the Formula 1 podium.

"I feel like McLaren has always been part of that story, of that battle at the front, and as a Formula 1 fan, as a McLaren fan, I would love to see McLaren back at the top."

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Mon 25 May

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