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British GP talks "heading in the right direction"

British GP talks "heading in the right direction"



British GP talks "heading in the right direction"

British GP talks "heading in the right direction"

Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle has said it is down to Formula 1 to find a solution that will allow the UK motorsport industry to restart.

On Friday, the UK government introduced a 14-day quarantine period for all international arrivals, but Pringle remains hopeful that a solution can be found.

"Seven out of the ten Formula 1 teams are based here in the UK. Many of them, most of them indeed, a stone's throw away from Silverstone," Pringle told BBC Sport.

"I think things are heading in the right direction," Pringle told BBC Breakfast. "We do have a very constructive dialogue and I certainly sense there's a will, we just need to find a way.

"We fully understand, we fully accept that this is a complicated situation, and there needs to be clear explanation from our sport about what the solution is. But we believe there is a technical solution, and it's important we find one.

"This isn't just about a 90-minute race. This is about restarting an industry.

"We're world leaders in the motorsport industry, and we need to get that industry restarted now."

Formula 1 has already confirmed that a Silverstone double-header would take place behind closed doors, and Pringle says that even this eventuality would make financial sense to the venue.

"Yes, it would be financially worthwhile, absolutely. We wouldn't do it otherwise. It's important that these businesses remain buoyant, and that includes Silverstone.

"We are having a terrible year frankly. The gates have been shut since the end of March. We have no revenue coming into the business and no activity, and so this is not an easy time for our business.

"If we don't have a Formula 1 race, that simply increases the size of the hole that we're in."

Pringle added: "We've been in touch with our fans throughout this process. I must thank them, take this opportunity to pay tribute. We are three-quarters of the way through giving refunds to those that have asked for them, but actually, two-thirds of our fans have said 'don't give me my money back, just make sure I have my seat next year'."

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