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Leclerc to star in controversial movie remake

Leclerc to star in controversial movie remake



Leclerc to star in controversial movie remake

Leclerc to star in controversial movie remake

Ferrari Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc will star in a remake of controversial French short movie 'C'etait un Rendevous' this weekend.

Monegasque authorities have announced that the roads through the Principality will be closed in the early hours of what would have been race day for this year's Monaco Grand Prix.

Instead, between 6:45am and 9:00am, Leclerc will partner with Claude Lelouch - the infamous director behind the original film.

In 1976, Lelouch released an explosive nine-minute sprint through Paris. The dash across the capital started in Porte Dauphine with no regard given to traffic lights, other road users or pedestrians on the eastward journey to Sacre-Coeur.

Reaching speeds of up to 145mph, the car has some very near misses on the way to 'rendezvousing' with his girlfriend in front of the Parisian backdrop. Footage from the film was used in the video for the Snow Patrol song 'Open your eyes'.

The car used was allegedly Lelouch's own Mercedes 450 SEL, although this fact has never been confirmed, neither has the claim that it was Lelouch himself driving. However, suspicions have always been that former Formula 1 star Jacques Laffite was the maestro behind the wheel.

But whereas in 1976, the Parisian authorities did not grant any road closures - which in turn meant that they were none-to-happy with the film's release - the Monegasque authorities are playing ball with the director.

This means that Leclerc can get his moment on the silver screen, all whilst being legal.

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