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Hamilton reflects on a 'difficult few days' in Australia

Hamilton reflects on a 'difficult few days' in Australia



Hamilton reflects on a 'difficult few days' in Australia

Hamilton reflects on a 'difficult few days' in Australia

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has described the scenes ahead of the cancelled Australian Grand Prix as "very, very surreal".

The situation in Melbourne in March evolved quickly as personnel from a few teams began to show symptoms common with Covid-19 before a member of the McLaren staff tested positive.

"I think it really, really was a shock to the system," Hamilton said on the Mercedes YouTube channel.

"Obviously, on that Thursday, as I commented, on my opinion as to whether or not we should have been there, and to wake up the next day, honestly, with excitement that I’m going to be getting in the car, and then to hear that we’re not going to be going to the track. It was very, very surreal.

"You weren’t quite sure whether it was going to happen. Then you miss practice one, practice two went, then qualifying went – but I stayed there through the weekend and it was tough because this was the first time in – it’s my 14th time, 14th season – so I just know every year how to get straight into the zone.

"I know what preparation is needed, I know how to be there and ready for that first race so that we start off better than ever, and each year you’re refining it a little bit to make sure that you arrive better and start on the right foot and we didn’t get to race."

In the following days and weeks, multiple more races were postponed or cancelled.

Hamilton added: "It was definitely a difficult few days, and then again, following on from that, it’s just having something that you love so much, not taken away from you but it’s not happening at the moment. I miss driving." Throughout the lockdown period, Hamilton has reminded his fans to try to look for the positives in the situation, giving particular focus to the environment.

"You have to look at the positives, and I think, if you look around the world, the skies are clearer," said Hamilton. "I think people are probably appreciating this time more, their families more, their relationships more.

"There are so many things to come out of this and I really hope that we all can grow from this experience and I hope it passes soon."


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