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Ecclestone names the best F1 driver of all time

Ecclestone names the best F1 driver of all time



Ecclestone names the best F1 driver of all time

Ecclestone names the best F1 driver of all time

Bernie Ecclestone has named who he believes is the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time - Alain Prost.

The Frenchman is indeed one of the recognised best ever, having claimed four world championships between 1985 and 1993. However, the moniker of the number one greatest ever is usually reserved for the likes of Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Juan Manuel Fangio, or Lewis Hamilton.

For Ecclestone, though, Prost would have reached the feats of that group if he had the backing which they enjoyed, or enjoy in Hamilton’s case.

When asked by the Daily Mail who is the best, he replied:

“Alain Prost. He never got a lot of support from the team. They didn’t get all that [much] help from the pit wall, either.

“The lights went out and he was on his own. He had to look after the tyres on his own, the brakes too, and he was bloody quick. He nearly won two more championships. That would have been six but the figures are immaterial.

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“I’d also say Nelson [Piquet], who did well in a car that was OK. Stirling [Moss] you’d have to say yes to the top four. And [Juan Manuel] Fangio — he got the job done.”

Should Hamilton win another championship, he will equal the record of seven held by Schumacher. Regarding Lewis, Ecclestone puts him in the top five of the best ever, but reckons he is helped a lot by his equipment, including his car.

“Lewis is very good,” he continued.

“Top four or five, or whatever, but it is hard to say this guy is better than so and so. Lewis has the best equipment and best team. The best everything.”

Ecclestone is of the opinion that Hamilton should not move to Ferrari, where he has been tipped to join at one point before the end of his career.

“If I were Lewis I would stay with Mercedes,” he said.

“He is comfortable there. He is in charge. he’s got the guy who turns the lights on and off supporting him (team principal Toto Wolff).

“It wouldn’t work at Ferrari for him.

“They are Italians. He would have to really learn the language so he’d know what they were saying behind his back, for a start.”

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How can he forget the very best, Jim Clark, even Senna said so...

12 0  Reply

You can’t say who is best of all time. Only best of their era. Then answer who you would put in the car to win. 50’s Fangio 60’s Clark 70’s Stewart/Lauda 80’s Prost/Senna 90’s Schumacher/Senna 2K’s Schumacher 2010’s Vettel/Hamilton

Drive for my life in any car any era? Easy. Villeneuve

4 0  Reply
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