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Hamilton focused on 'enjoying the moment' at W11 launch

Hamilton focused on 'enjoying the moment' at W11 launch



Hamilton focused on 'enjoying the moment' at W11 launch

Hamilton focused on 'enjoying the moment' at W11 launch

Lewis Hamilton says his Mercedes team are as hungry as ever for success as he begins the hunt to equal Michael Schumacher's record seven world championship titles.

Speaking in the garages at Silverstone ahead of Mercedes' filming day for the W11 2020 car, was in a relaxed mood.

"I fit in my seat which is a start!" joked Hamilton. "Last year I didn't really fit in my seat so I had to make lots of modifications, so this is a good step.

A part of Mercedes, through their partnership with McLaren, since he was just 13-years old, Hamilton reflected on his relationship with the German manufacturer.

"It's been amazing. I remember joining in 1998 I think it was, and it started out with going out to Luxembourg where we did the 'Stars and Cars' and watching all of the evolution and all of the previous F1 drivers. At the time I think it was David [Coulthard] and then moving onto Mika [Hakkinen], [Juan Pablo] Montoya. Just watching these guys that I had been watching on TV and trying to emulate them.

"Then to be a part of the growth and the journey at Mercedes Benz, and obviously watch Mercedes move from McLaren to having their own team and then my migration in 2013. It's very much my family. I've been with them for most of my life."

With Ferrari edging closer to Mercedes again in 2019 and the Red Bull-Honda partnership becoming ever more potent across the course of last year, Hamilton could be forgiven for feeling the pressure begin to squeeze down on him but the six-time champion was as cool as ever, preferring to enjoy the launch rather than focus on external factors.

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"At this time of the year you don't really feel any of the pressure and it's just about having some fun," said Hamilton. "Not having some fun. You're focused but it's really about enjoying the moment.

"The guys have worked so hard to put the car together. There's only two of us that get to drive it so it's pretty incredible. These guys have been working for months and months to build the car that we see in that garage today, to make sure that it's delivered for this day and that it's running smoothly. Me and Valtteri get to go and stretch it's wings a little bit."

Having said that he personally does not feel the pressure at this moment, Hamilton added that the enthusiasm for continued success at Mercedes continues to impress him from year to year.

"This is my eighth year with the team and the buzz is always the same," said Hamilton. "They couldn't be more excited, they couldn't be more enthusiastic or driven.

"I would say that's probably the most impressive thing. We've had the success and it could be quite easy for them to be relaxed today."


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Sun 05 Jul

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